I’ve made it!

I’ve made it!
Last night was awesome!
Yeah, I made my first ever 10k run (normal pacing/speed) in 1 hour.
How much more if I added speed on it? (wink!)
It was already a great accomplishment for a non-professional runner like me.


I remember when I just started to try my luck on running sports.
My mind panic just having this thought of walking for at least 1kilometer. It was already too much!
I can’t do that!”

But since it was my will to engage my body to this activity, I still tried to pursue.
I started it with 1km walk-run, I continued to test my endurance to 3km, to 5km upto 10km now.

Thanks to coach Evan, who patiently trained, guided and motivated me so well.
Most of the time, I used to complain…my legs pain, I felt lazy today, I was not in mood..etc..etc..just to escape from training. But I realized that if I kept on listening to those complains of my body, I can not start even a single step.

Thanks God for the gift of wisdom, health and love.


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Do whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are. Life is a continuous journey so as to learning. No matter what, just keep going because you never know where it will lead you. Every topic I'll be putting in here is a reflection of my everyday perspective. Join me and be part of my shadow's journey.
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