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How Tired is too tired

How tired is too tired? Today is the last day for the month of April. I didn’t even remember how the month of April started whew! That’s how preoccupied my mind and schedules were. I would love to put something … Continue reading

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Thankful Year!

There’s a saying “let go and let God”. Another year had passed and thousands of countless blessings have been received and shared. Let me share to you some realizations I have for this year that I think would also guide … Continue reading

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My thoughts, my reality

Do you believe that whatever our thought projects it happens? Well then, I personally believe on this. There were instances in my life when something happened on me and I just realized that I’ve thought of this before! I am … Continue reading

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When Love Means Pain

As of writing this,we Christians remembers the passion and suffering of Christ. A very significant event which symbolizes God’s love to His people. He was crucified, betrayed and mocked by His dear ones… By His trusted ones. It must be … Continue reading

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When Somebody Needs a Hand

I remember the words ” paying forward”. I was once and will always be so blessed with a helping hands from different faces. In many unexpected circumstances in my life that I thought I was alone..that I thought God forsaken … Continue reading

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A Send off

Bon Voyage Mon Ami! I, together with some other dormates sent off one of our friends to Doha airport this morning. She will be going home to our country for good. Separation anxiety now is a new challenge to deal … Continue reading

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Fairytales has its twists

Bonjour! je crois en l’amour juste à cause de vous (I believe in love just because of you) Do universe play with me again? Thanks to the butterflies in my stomach everytime we talk. Thanks for the laughter and smile … Continue reading

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