A Mother’s Day Special

A happy mother’s day to all moms out there!
I would confess, as much as possible I don’t like dramas. I don’t want anybody else see me crying. Some friends call me “rocket pocket”, energetic girl, jolly, with sense of humor and even witty. I thank God for blessing me with those qualities.
But unmasked me, and you will see ocean of tears and a bleeding heart in pierce.

Upon entering office today, friends greeted me with a “happy mother’s day”. I was thankful of course hearing those greetings. I answered them with “thanks, but will you define to me the word happy?”. Did I sound that harsh?

A mother.
I am so grateful that I still have my mama up to this moment.  She showed me how to be strong and be that image of strength to their children. From waking up in the morning, doing household chores  up to preparing our beds to sleep on at night. I saw how she managed to divide one whole scrambled egg to her 5 children. I witnessed how she surpassed all the pains she had to endure to make our family whole and intact. I saw in her eyes the sharp pain the time she saw me broke. Though I never let her see me in pain  I knew she wanted to hug me and tell me that she is there all the time.

I wish she would have more life so that I can catch up those times I was not on her side. From million miles away, I called her up this morning, greeted her, thanked her for everything she has done, for being there all the time, for taking care of my boy, letting her hear my voice in a cheerful way but to be honest  my tears was about to burst. I sipped cup of coffee so she wouldn’t notice my quivering voice instead. I missed  mama so much and wanted to hug her tight. For 4 years we’ve been apart not counting those times I missed the chance of attending her needs. Me, as her only daughter. I feel guilty.

A mother.

Yes. I am too a mother.
A single parent.
A woman.
I have stretchmarks.
I make mistakes, sometimes choose the wrong path, I cry, I laugh, I smile, but at the end of the day been so blessed to  celebrate 9 years of motherhood to a nine year old son. A memory of scenario  leaving him behind and not seeing him for couple of years is dagger that always pierce me. I may not know how to be a parent at this moment but will always find ways to make it work even I don’t know yet when, how or when. I would want to be an image of strong woman on his sight. I would make him feel I am his first love, first girlfriend, his confidant, his best friend and his forever no matter what.. It’s the LOVE that makes me push through, every single time.

Sending the world an indescribable mother’s love.

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The Game of Life

Yesterday, I was able to beat the April Friday the 13th which is considered an unlucky day in western superstition. But I personally don’t believe on this. I finished the 10K RACE at Qatar Running Series winter edition getting First Place to Podium with a smile under the drizzling rain. My past races and awards brought me so much joy and self fulfillment. But hey, I think it would be more fulfilling if I can celebrate it with the person who got me motivated and inspired me to make it to this point. So I tried to reach him out. But unfortunately, it is really upsetting that we sometimes don’t end up getting the things we expected it to be. He turned me down. Well it’s ok.

nobody can write

It may not be the result I was expecting but sure everything has it’s purpose. Things are unpredictable, life is unpredictable, people are unpredictable and so as emotions.

This heart may be my weakness but I know this will always be my strength. I’m honestly feeling down right now.  But eventually, I believe it will just pass like a wind. In this kind of game, its about being happy with what I have and what life brings my way, about learning to accept when I was less yet always striving to be better…that’s winning.!





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Motivation Is What Gets You Started

Last March 2,2018 was one of the best moment of my life. Yes I had my race and finished it to podium injured free and got the 3rd place from 28Kilometer run Al Adaid Desert Challenge (https://www.aladaid.qa/). It was a run over the desert highway, across sandy patches and cross over 6 sand dunes to reach the finish line at Khor Al Adaid.28468582_1471898802923090_3033602749787270844_n


The photo was taken while i was on my 2nd dune struggle. It was really hard to run in sand and at this point in time I started to feel my legs cramped. There was no way out but continue the journey. I kept on repeating the mantra in my mind “what is 28Kilometers compared to 100 miles that I ran a week ago!” Focus.


When your struggle seems unbearable, how do you lessen the burden? Count your blessings, bear the pain because it will not stay forever anyway. Nobody would live your life for you but you. Nobody would take that pain for you but you. Start strong. Stay strong. Finish strong.


Life is more on self-race. There is this best feeling of fulfillment when you accomplished something that you once have thought would be impossible to do. The power of mind setting plays a vital role too.





When I started running, my motivation was just to loose weight and to find myself. Wait a minute, find myself? What did I mean by that?haha!

In the long run, I just realized that running had already been part of my life. Though sometimes I can’t control my heart (wink),at least I got the power over my legs. Focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses as folks say. Super true!


1st – UK, 2nd – Kenya, 3rd – Philippines It was the very first race I ever got a cash prize. Regardless of the amount, the story and lessons behind those numbers was the best prize I’ve ever got.



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My 100-Miler Month

This is an awesome – mileage month for me!
I literally did my 50-100 miles ultra run this heart month! At, first I did my 50Kilometer run ultra last February 13,2018 during the Qatar Sports Day2018 held at Oxygen Park by Qatar Foundation organized by QRC (Qatar Running Club). That was the very first Ultra Run I made. Clueless of what was it like to go beyond 42kilometer full marathon distance, I opened the website for the said event,trusted myself that I knew I can do it and without any hesitation, I clicked the 50KM distance.!

There were options for distances from 10KM, 21KM,42KM an the 50KM. So, as to no more backing out mode, I started doing my self-training. Since I was preparing too for much longer distance on the following week, I took this opportunity to test myself whether my body can do such adventure. I was so nervous the night before the event that I found it hard to sleep. I tried to be in my bed about 9:00pm and woke up at 4am. The race started at 8:20am. It took me about 5:23:27 hours to finish my first ever 50KM. Nobody from women’s category dared to take the said distance. So by default, I was able to get the trophy! I never won such big trophy as this in my entire life.

At the startline. I don’t run to win a race nor do I run to get a place,  I just run because running makes me feel strong and free.

Set Goals: it’s a lot easier to get where you’re going when you know exactly what you want




Now with my 100 miler, I would like to write special article on this because that was a long journey traversing South to North of the country of Qatar for 28 hours by which most parts are deserted areas. There are numerous learning I got from it. For the meantime, here are some of the photos I had during the adventure.

Another bucket-list checked. A year ago I couldn’t even finish a 1KM straight jog.
A year after that, I can now officially call myself an ultrarunner and hundred miler runner . Thankful to #transqatarrun2018 for the challenging yet fulfilling adventure and adding milage to my shadow’s journey. It was not easy to get out there but we will never know what lies ahead until we try. Taking it slowly and steady, putting my heart and mind on it and the power of mind setting made me I’m-possible!

I just saw my name in the newspaper the following day.

All praise and Glory to God for giving me healthy mind, body and soul. I pray too that this may be radiated to those hopeless, sick and oppressed.

during night run

on my way to last refreshment point, to 160km still with smile and happy feet

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How I kicked my first ever Half Marathon (21k) PR 1:45:47

One of my wishlists for this year is to run more! So to start with, I registered for a half marathon category in the Ooredoo Marathon, January 12, 2018. It’s an annual run for a cause event here in Doha Qatar. So I did some self training and with the help of the club I joined with, the Doha Bay Running Club (DBRC), it was a one and a half month’s struggle. As the date was fast approaching, I suffered several injuries. On the first week of December, I got sprained on my right ankle. So, I rested for 3 days from running. On the second week, I got flu after the long distance misty morning run. Third week, I stumbled somewhere down the road and got serious bruise on my left knee. There were times that I even asked myself why am I allowing myself to suffer like this? I can stop and give up anytime. But hey! I am a stubborn aspiring runner and my willpower supersedes all negative vibes that came.


This is my personal program/plan for one and a half months training, garnering the first ever half marathon medal.

After the debates of mind over body, I finally reached my time-frame.  For the last week before the actual race, I did some tapering. So I minimized my distance runs from 10K to 5K distance. Since the deadline of submission of office reports was on that week also, it helped me relaxed my feet from running. While doing it, I watched inspiring runners on videos and read some tips on how to make marathons to finish line. But the night before the race, I got this feeling of mixed nervousness and excitement! And the final day arrived!
It was a feeling of super duper accomplishment! Now I’ve realized that anything is possible if you put your hundred percent effort on it. I was not born to be a runner but I am proud to call myself a runner now. Willpower and strong determination will always bring out the best in you. As a first timer, I set my PR to hit the finish line between 1:30 to 1:45 mins, only to challenge myself. But to be honest, during my training runs, it was about between 1:45 to 2:00 hours to finish it.  The power of mind setting is really powerful!

26904352_1428785517234419_5691694123911889423_n (1)

It was about 300m to finish line when I gave my best, started my sprint  and overtook some in-front runners despite the disappearance of my lipstick and could feel the knee knuckle sounds on my right!

After finishing 10 miles, I started to feel heavy. I can’t even feel my feet anymore. I could feel cramps in every part of my body specially y calves. I  looked around and could see other runners I think feeling the same. Oh no! negative energies pulling me back!

So to push it through, I let my mind and heart did the run that moment. I played some mantras like it is always ok to go slowly but surely, don’t stop and just keep moving! I had trained for this so I should finish this! Consistency and body posture! This happens only once so keep moving! And there we go! For about a mile to finish line, I took a deep breathe, checked my posture, gathered remaining energy that I had, did the sprint and voila!


Garnering the 13th place over 95 participants in 21k Half Marathon-Open Women’s Category, and placing 17th on  117th Half Marathon Female participants.

This was really an awesome experienced for me because as you can see, I ran with the Elite runners from well known countries invited by the local tourism.

26730673_1425878657525105_2501994637439221048_n (1)

A sweet photo after the post-stretching, I could still feel the shaking of my knees that moment.  You could feel strong and invincible after the run!

This was my second run after the 10K I had two months ago. Looking forward for more runs. It is very hard to understand in the beginning that the whole idea is not to beat other runners. Eventually, you will learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit. Running helps me retract my derailed life. It’s not yet too late to dream…I will go and catch it, no matter what, no matter where. In God’s guidance, I know I can!








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Thankful 2017!

Another year had passed to each and every person. When I look back at my 2017, it was full of surprises and accomplishments! This year was awesome! It leads  the discovery of the other side of me that contributes a lot in my physical and emotional transformation. I did fall in love with running! Well, anybody can run but it takes special spirit to go to distance running. It is something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.  I’ve totally learned that setting personal goals and taking care of yourself can even help you through the toughest times. While I found it exhausting to push my physical limits at first,  I found it more rewarding on so many different levels after all.  Been living in and trapped in the the shadows of my past but I am proud that I  made it through.  I am better now despite all the roller coasters of life.

Thank you is not enough words to express how grateful I am to God Who always takes care of everything I can’t handle.

Thankful for the family who’ve always been my inspiration in this journey.

Thankful for every friend and person I met along way the whole year through.

Thankful for every joys and pains that gave me lessons to learn and made me more stronger.

Looking forward for 2018 with hope and confidence.

There’s gotta be something for my soul somewhere..

Now, I am welcoming the 2018 with full of excitement, hope and confidence. Will continue trusting and believing the best version of myself.

This coming year will be the answer to my Professor’s Essay Writing Test wayback 2008 before I graduated college..”Who Am I, Ten From Now”.

Whew!  Let see! I’m ready!



Everything will be fine!

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Love lots,




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How I did my First 10K Race

As of writing this, I am lying on my bed now relaxing after my first ever 10K race done this morning. It was done at Aspire Park organized by Doha College. Since this is my very first time to join the official race with I think in just a few months of training, mixed emotions was with me since last night. But despite of it, I settled myself to sleep from 10pm and woke up at 4am that’s about 6 hours of sleep. My co-runner picked me up from my place at 5am and the registration started at 5:30 to get our bib number as well. So, while waiting to officially start the race, we did some slow jog for about 300 meters as warm up.
The race started exactly at 7:00am and the course was a multi-terrain, with
possible hazards and obstacles. We will complete 1 lap for 5km and 2 for 10km.
Here’s the picture of the club I was with. It’s more exciting and motivating that you are surrounded by positive people.

I was happy with the result despite the culprit that stole my few meters pace. After finishing the first lap and after I think about 6k, I experienced sudden spasm on my right abdomen that I found it painful to breathe. So, I slowed down and walked for about 1K while I tried to manage my breathing. That was not cool for me at all. I stopped for a while and even thought of giving up and call medics because I couldn’t hardly breath. Thanks to the determination and divine intervention, I still managed to recuperate and did the walk, then slow run and back to my normal pacing. Upon reaching the finish line, another unfortunate seconds happened. Normally, the start and finish line has just the same point. But as I was about to reach the finish line which was on the left side of the lane, I mistakenly entered the Start lane which was on the right side. So, the people around shouted woooooh..! You’ve gotten the wrong lane!..go to the left for finish lane! Oooh My God! That was also a couple of seconds that I lost for just turning back!

So the 3 great personal lessons I got from today’s challenge are as follows:

1.Be well prepared physically,emotionally and mentally. We never know when, how or where the injuries may occur during the race. Remember the advised or tips from the experienced ones. From speed,breathing techniques and striding. It helps.

2.Presence of mind is a must. Be keen with every details of the course. Remember that it is more on “self-competition”. Everybody has its own pacing. Try to compete your own pace on how you could either maintain or excel it.

3. Focus. I think due to too much excitement, nervousness and many other things playing in my mind, I was destructed too much. Since, it’s my first time, I really got destructed every time somebody runs ahead me so the tendency was to try my best to exert more energy that left me exhausted and panting at the end of just few meters.

Overall, I am still satisfied with my result. Getting the 13th place out of 94 Female Junior Category Runners.

Now, I know what to do nextime.


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